Training für Zuhause am 27.04.2021

Warm Up

6 Minuten:
5 Kang Squat
5/5 Lizard Rotation
4/4 Odd Object Windmills
20/20 sec. Single Arm Overhead Carry

Skill: Jerk-Technique (Barbell / PVC only)

EMOM x 12 Minutes:
5 Wall Facing Dips
5 Push Press
3 Paused Push Press – 2 sec pause at dip and catch position
2 Paused Split Jerk – 2 sec pause at dip and catch position

2 Rounds alternating A1, A2

A1. 4-minute AMRAP
40 Russian Twists
20 Jumping Lunges

– Rest 2:00 minutes –

A2. 4-minute AMRAP
80 Double Under
20 Jumping Squats

– Rest 2:00 minutes –

Todays Notes:
– Work at a hard pace as you have plenty of time to rest between intervals (1:1)
– Make a plan with a constand pace on each intervall and see if you can stick to it
– focus on exhale through the hole Workout
– keep all your movements clean

Weekly Challenge: Max Effort:
Max Reps Sit Ups without breathing