Training für Zuhause am 21.05.2021

Warm Up:

6 Min AMRAP of:
10m Beast Walk
6 Kang Squats
4 Inch Worms
6/6 Front Rack Split Squats
8-12 Glute Bridges

Strength: Lower Body

3 Super Sets of:
10 Kang Squats
8/8 Unialteral Front Rack Box Step Ups
30 sec. Split Stance Iso Hold (Unilateral Front Rack)

Conditioning 2 Rounds alternating A1, A2

A1. 4-minute AMRAP
10 Odd Object Swings
8 Jumping Lunges
10 Odd Object Thruster
8 Reverse Lunges

– Rest 2:00 minutes –

A2. 4-minute AMRAP
12 Lat. Burpees over Object
10 Single Arm Devil’s Presses
8 Single Arm Overhead Squats

– Rest 2:00 minutes –

Todays Notes:
– Work at a hard pace as you have plenty of time to rest between intervals (1:1)
– Make a plan with a constand pace on each intervall and see if you can stick to it
– focus on exhale through the hole Workout – keep all your movements clean

Weekly Challenge: Accumulate 2:00 Minutes of Arch Hold
everytime you drop perform 5 Reverse Snow Angels