CrossFit Bonn, Bunsenstraße 4, 53121 Bonn-Dransdorf

Training für zu Hause am 27.01.2021


Warm Up:
5 x AMRAP of:
5 Tempo Push Ups
8/8 Single Arm KB/DB Rows
6/6 KB/DB Windmill
8 Jump Lunges

Strength (Upper Body):

3 Sets of:
12 KB/DB Crush Grip Floor Presses
8/8 Seated KB/DB Z Presses
8/8 KB/DB Plank Rows

– rest 2 minutes after each set –

„Open Wod 13.2“

10min AMRAP

5 Shoulder to Overhead (52/35)
10 Deadlifts (52/35kg)
15 Box Jumps

Home Gym Edition:

10 min AMRAP

10 Single Arm Push Presses
10 Odd Object Deadlifts
15 Jump Squats

Weekly challenge:

„Bird Dog Plank-Hold“

Try to hold the Bird Dog Plank-Position for as long as possible. Each side for max effort. Count your time.

Todays Notes: 3 Steps to successful Open
1. make a game plan before you start the workout:
– How hard do i want to push today? 1-10
– How many rounds am i able to get?
– What will be my everage time per round?
– How much rest do i need in this Workout?
– When do i rest and how long?
2. Work at a hard pace
– transition straight into the next excercise
– keep your focus and stick to your plan
– keep your movements clean
– Note your times on every round!
3. Feedback
– How hard did you push? 1-10?
– Could you keep your constand pace?
– Did you achieve your goal?